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What you need to know about collectible watches in Dublin

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What you need to know about collectible watches in Dublin

Many people think that high-quality mechanical watches can be a suitable investment for the future. Unfortunately, the truth is such that very few watches are a suitable as collectible watches. It is not easy to say specifically that watches are “appropriate” for collection purposes, and certainly not easy to tell which watch is suitable as an investment.Certainly you should never buy a watch as an investment / collector’s item, just because someone recommended it to you. Instead, you should buy what you really like, regardless of whether the same pieces are collected by someone else. It is true that when you buy a watch limited edition of 100 pieces and will be more unique, you can probably find 10 other people with same collectible watches in Dublin on their wrist. However, this still does not mean that the watch is really valuable! Basically, everything is suitable as a collectible watch, when you want to collect them. Some of the watches that have become highly valuable collector’s article, were previously not intended as an investment for the future.

What you need to know about collectible watches in Dublin

So that collectible watches are suitable / unsuitable as an investment, or which watches would be easy to sell in the future?

The brand name is important

Find out what the reputation of a brand / manufacturer of watches. Do not ask dealers and collectors rather skilled in the art, ask on forums. Find out who owns the brand you are considering – or a brand perspective or whether it is possible that in the near future doom!

Value of reseal is important

(but only if you understand it correctly): Many buyers have lost a lot of money buying “bad” watch only because their decisions are based on wrong understanding of “High resale values.”
Watch can be a good investment, but not for everyone. you need to remember that watch, just as cars normally lose their value over time and are therefore a good investment if you really do not know about your market a specific watch that you intend to buy.

Type of dealer

where you want to purchase collectible watches or vintage watches in Dublin is important: Find out whether you buy from an authorized dealer of the brand. Buy only from authorized dealers brand.

To know what you are buying

is the more important than buying what you already know. Brands like Rolex or Tag Heuer are premium brands, which are probably best known for going public mainly due to its name and marketing strategy. But that does not mean they are the best collectible watch brand.

The history of the brand

is also important: Many brands are presented with a rich history more than 100 years. You should, however, check whether it is based on truth and if the collectible watch you buying have something to do with the history of the brand.

The use of wristwatch is important

Clock with quartz movement are essentially not at all suitable as an investment because it is only a special computer chip in which it could not show the art of watchmaking! In-house calibrate is obtained directly in manufacturer and is given much more appreciate because the development and manufacture of custom razor require large investments and complex technical know-how, which have only skilled watchmakers. The number and complexity of complications used in clockwork plays an important role.

Price is not important

That’s right – not important!! Price is the only measure of the value you receive. When you bought a “bargain low price” and your vendor is unable to provide assistance in the event of failure of the watch, manufacturer and a claim can be reject, because you bought at an unauthorized dealer. So you always choose collectible watch not by price but by all the relevant factors. or ask at our shop!

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