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vintage watch repair

Watch shop in Dublin – Watchempire the best option

You have long wanted to have some differences? Watches are not only an indicator of the time. Currently, watches belong to the jewelry and fashion accessories. Keep the value of money and invest in beautiful and reliable watches. Our store brings you the most complete range of original branded watches world’s leading manufacturers. We guarantee the originality of all offered watches. We offer classic star of the watch market, but also offers the well-known Swiss watch brands.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the watch shop in Dublin market with interesting and independent producers, in a friendly environment, where customer satisfaction is in first place. You can rely on us as an authorized re-seller of your watch, we are able to provide best customer care.

Offer quality production of watch brands that have excellent price-performance ratio, and they are something special.
In our shop we give you quick information of all brands. We have not only professional equipment known brands, as well as professional and sensitive approach to your watch and effort to do our best job to satisfy customers.
As a watch shop in Dublin with good reputation we take repairs from you over and will be reviewed as soon as possible.

vintage watch repair
vintage watch repair

Watch Repair in Dublin

In particular, we provide many watch services to our best, for example: the exchange, replacing seals, watch repair and replacement of quartz, grinding and polishing of metal bracelets, commitment-wise, bonding indexes on the dial and others. Please note that working with a fine drive requires peace and time is therefore natural that some corrections cannot be fulfilled in hurry.

Vintage Watches

Quality and professionally performed servicing of your watch, it ensures long life and preserve their value and utility properties. We are happy to provide all service work for you. We specialize in vintage watches from Rolex, Omega, Cartier and many more. Put your watch only to the hand of high-quality care and certified. Even a “simple” changing of the battery in your watch, if it is done incorrectly, it can completely destroy your watch.

watch repair dublin
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