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  • Appealing aspect of vintage watches is their rarity,but finding a good vintage piece requires patience, research. It’s important to investigate the make and model of the watch when buying a vint

  • Regular watch maintenance include battery replacement is often an overlooked topic of discussion. Most people are not aware that is important to not to sit back and wait until your watch battery dies,

  • We’ve met younger and older customers in our shop in the Powerscourt Centre Dublin 2, who called in for advice how to buy vintage watches online. What is the secret? Watchempire unveils the secr

  • Horology is the art  of or science of measuring time. Clocks, watches, clockworks, sundials are all examples of instruments used to measure time. The watch is a portable clock. The earliest timekeepin

  • And the Winner is for wearing the best collectible watch. Hollywood celebrities and their timepieces. The 89th Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles end of last month. Watchempire decided to make i

  • We all want the things we buy to last as long as new. Especially when we buy vintage watches. We want them to work as they were new and this needs long-term care. Vintage watches not only fulfill the