Everybody’s watches

Everybody’s watches

Horology is the art  of or science of measuring time. Clocks, watches, clockworks, sundials are all examples of instruments used to measure time.

The watch is a portable clock. The earliest timekeeping mechanism was heavy and clumsy. It has taken a centuries of study and experiment to bring the watch to its present state of perfection of timekeeping. Every watch has a beauty. The best recipe for the well being of a watch s that it should receive more care and less attention. Admire your own watch from the outside leave inside alone until the day comes when you take it to the repair man for an overhaul.

What is the right time?

Time is not one of nature’s gifts to humanity like day and night and the seasons. It has no concrete existence, it is an invention of man to enable him to synchronize his auctions. For ordinary wear of watch varying no more than 15 seconds fast or slow, that is a total possible variation of 30 seconds i twenty-four hours is a moderately good watch. It is a very difficult matter to time a watch closely to seconds a day.

The quality of a watch as a timekeeper lies solely in its rating, that is the rate of its steady gaining or steady losing. Either of these conditions can be narrowed down by simple regulation. Treated as a watch should be wound regularly and cleaned, overhauled and re-oiled every 4-5 years every good watch should last a lifetime.

To buy a good watch find a good horologist and trust him.

Your currency will go two to twenty times further in the vintage market than in the new market… KISH JEWELLERS have some beautiful vintage jewelry that you never could have afforded if you had bought them as new. And relative to most technologies, watches have not changed greatly — a fifty year old Omega can keep as good time as a new Omega. We have great selection of vintage watches,we can also lead you with the best advice to buy one,provide one of the best watch repair service in Dublin!

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