The secret of buying vintage watches

The secret of buying vintage watches

We’ve met younger and older customers in our shop in the Powerscourt Centre Dublin 2, who called in for advice how to buy vintage watches online.

What is the secret? Watchempire unveils the secret for you! The watch market is busier than it’s ever been. People all around the world admire, attracted to quality vintage timepieces.

“Vintage watches were at the forefront of technology in their day,” says The Watch Magazine editor, Andrew Morgan.

“A new Rolex today is a nice watch, a luxury piece, but it’s nothing more than a nostalgia fix or a bit of wrist branding. A vintage watch is the technology that people used to wear, and that carries a lot of strength for some people.

But seeking out something second-hand could mean you find a style that’s less likely to depreciate, and that no one else has, brimming with its own storied history.

The wisdom of online watch buying can be intimidating, great risk, you can hear many horror stories so buy the vendor as much as you buy the watch… a bad vendor can sell you problem.

We share our experiences for you to enjoy hunting for pieces on online best venues like Ebay, Chrono24, look around and enjoy the vast variety of excellent vintage values that are around today.

Start Vintage watches shopping:

What is vintage watch? Vintage watch is 20 years or older piece. Buy a watch because you like it! Start with Google, research many places: past sales of auction houses: Cristie’s, Sotheby’s, online sales forums: Watchuseek, Timezone. The good article why you need Vintage watches you can read here.

Learn about vintage watch

  • Dial is the most valuable part of the watch
  • Original components of the timepiece: Check for originality, rust or damage
  • Case: polished or unpolished: Go for stainless steel or solid 14ct or 18ct gold pieces
  • Movement: You need helpful photos of the movement, to see condition
  • Look up serial numbers and reference numbers
  • Think about cost of service a vintage timepiece
  • It is require service every so often (4-5 years)
  • You need access to a good watchmaker

Your currency will go two to twenty times further in the vintage market than in the new market… KISH JEWELLERS have some beautiful vintage watches that you never could have afforded if you had bought them as new. And relative to most technologies, watches have not changed greatly — a fifty year old Omega can keep as good time as a new Omega. We have great selection of vintage watches,we can also lead you with the best advice to buy one, provide one of the best watch repair service in Dublin!

Please come and see our expert horologist in the Powerscourt Centre or contact us!

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