How to change watch battery

How to change watch battery

Regular watch maintenance include battery replacement is often an overlooked topic of discussion. Most people are not aware that is important to not to sit back and wait until your watch battery dies,watch stops working so the gear inside of the timepiece. The prolonged period without battery power may require a cleaning and overhaul of the internal mechanism. To keep your watch in perfect working order see or care tips:

WATCH BATTERY LIFE: a watch battery life is approximately 24 months from the time of assembly or last service.

The battery life depends on many factors:

  • type and size of battery
  • features functions of the watch example;a chronograph watch consumes more energy then a basic timepiece
  • age of the watch – vintage watches
  • temperature may also impact the life of the battery

Watch Battery replacement

Should get done by and expert,do not try to change the battery yourself, you take a risk and your watch can get easily damaged.
Find a service center who has an expert watchmaker and equipped with proper tools,because many types of watch on the market with different case back which are require professional horologist tools.

How much battery replacement can cost?

Depends on the watch model,can be vary.Sometimes you need extra work for waterproof watches example:replace seal to guarantee its continued water resistance. If the o ring is undamaged that is retain watch waterproof performance.

Watch will not go with new battery?

Perhaps the old battery left inside for long time. Replace the battery as soon as the watch stops working.

WATCHEMPIRE provide the same day battery replacement for many watch brands,using the best quality batteries for replacement,proven less likely to leak. Resealing and pressure testing (waterproof performance) available in the shop.

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