How to care for vintage watches?

How to care for vintage watches?

We all want the things we buy to last as long as new. Especially when we buy vintage watches. We want them to work as they were new and this needs long-term care.

Vintage watches not only fulfill the task of stylish accessory but they are practical and can be a really good and valuable investment. Check our selection of vintage watches.

You should take proper care of watches. And this is quite simple. In most cases, it is enough to keep your vintage watches clean, minimizing the possibility of any intersection of other particles entering their interior.

Cleaning your vintage watch with a soft cotton cloth (dry slightly moistened) is a matter of a few short seconds, or most minutes. This routine operation removes the surface from any dust, dirt, sweat, and other accumulated particles. And this can also extend their lifetime and ensure they will look the same as when we bought them. Why you need vintage watches? 

In addition to these simple steps we can also give you more advice how care for vintage watches properly. Thanks to these advice, your watches will be in good condition and will last longer.

Cleaning of vintage watches

Each of us surely want to take care about this investment and give the watch the best care within his or her possibilities to keep them as functional and in the best possible condition.

Vintage watches which are not waterproof

Be careful with these kinds of watches. They sometimes have a chance to not survive with accidental contact with water or higher humidity. For cleaning vintage watches which are not waterproof, instead if a damp cloth, use special wipes or dry soft cloth. To polish the glass, we recommend a regular cloth that is used to clean the glasses. Make sure the cloth is soft enough and don’t scrub the glass without washing it. The dust that is on the glass can work sometimes as sandpaper and can damage not only the outside anti-reflection, but also the hardened plastic glasses.

Cleaning of waterproof vintage watches

You don’t need to be worry about damp cloths for waterproof vintage watches. You can easily firs wipe the case and strap with dry cloth and metal bracelets can be cleaned with water with a little soap or soft toothbrush.

Complete cleaning and maintenance of mechanical vintage watches

Some of the manufacturers of predominantly more expensive mechanical vintage watches have exact intervals for scheduled service inspections, mostly every three to five years. Even if you have cheaper or quartz models it is good to let them check to the watchmaker/watch-seller from time to time.

how to clean watches

Maintenance of the vintage watch with leather strap

Leather is a natural organic material, that is particularly sensitive to treatment. Premature aggravate of their appearance can be avoided by limiting exposure to direct sunlight, increased humidity, cosmetic items or oil products. This can cause stains and also unwanted stains on the skin. If any of this happen, it is necessary for vintage watch with leather strap to immediately dry the strap with the absorbent cloth and prevent further damage.

Overall, we advise you after five years of use to go to watchmaker/watch-seller and have a general check out of your vintage watch, which should include disassembly of the machine, cleaning of the watch, regulation, checking watch parts, test of waterproof. General checking of your vintage watch can extend their lifetime. 

You should come and visit our shop every 6 months to clean you vintage watches from inside!!!

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