Best vintage watches in Dublin

Best vintage watches in Dublin

Vintage style is very favorable these days and people are looking for watches which not only looks good but they would be great investment for them. But always be careful when you want to buy vintage watches. You should definitely never buy a watch as an investment or collection just because someone recommends it. Instead do your research or buy what you really like, no matter if the same pieces are being collected by someone else.

Vintage watches are collection where you can find various retro elements, always elegantly combined and sometimes combined even with current design trends. They usually incorporate past, soft colors, elegance and simplicity. In our collection you can find wide range of vintage watches in Dublin from elegant, classics to sporty models with different kind of straps like leather, steel, in some cases rubber or ceramic.

What to consider when buying Vintage watches in Dublin?

  1. Brand name is important – find out which brand name is a good watch manufacturer. Ask collectors and experts in this field, or ask on forums. Find out about brand you are considering, whether the brand is perspective.
  2. Type of the seller you want to buy from – this is very important part when you looking for some vintage watches in your area. Let’s say you want to buy vintage watches in Dublin as an investment, it is good to find authorized dealer or seller and not to buy only in general stores that offer everything from cheap Chinese watches to brand watches. The ‘best and most expensive’ brand in the store does not always mean that it is also best investment for you. It is important to find out also if the seller is also authorized for the particular brand you want to buy from them and if they do authorized service to guarantee qualified repair of watches.

Shopping for vintage watches in Dublin could be little complicated for somebody who has no idea what to look for, but there are few brands which can be recommended, for example edition of Patek Phillippe, Vintage Jaeger Lecoultre, or Vintage Omega watch. A good tip for anybody who want to buy vintage watch first time can be buying a limited-edition watch.

vintage watches dublin

Limited edition watches

However, the size of limited edition needs to be considered as well. A limited edition of 3 thousand pieces is a rather numbered production. The fewer pieces, the better. And of course, if you buy mechanical watch, these are the once with a high added value that makes them a desirable goods with potential for value growth.

Watch empire is a shop where you can find best vintage Watches in Dublin, with hint of elegance, esprit, perfect design wrapped in quality. Vintage watch style has immortal and iconic design which has been loved for many decades and we think it will not be different in the future. So, if you want something special and different do not hesitate and come to our shop in Dublin and try any of our vintage watches personally.

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